The 30-Day Deep End Mindset Digital Program

30 days that will change the trajecotry of your life.
Have you ever wanted to make a change or improvement in your life but not felt like you had the structure, encouragement or accountability to see it all the way through?

Through my years of being and coaching aspiring individuals and high performers, I have developed a set of frameworks and tools to support those looking to invest in themselves and their growth as individuals.  I have also recognized the importance of accountability, encouragement, and mentorship along this journey.

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The Deep End Mindset 30-day level up digital program is designed to combined these two ingredients in short, daily videos with lessons and guided meditations, along with an end of day reflection form to track progress and hold accountability throughout the program.

This program isn't just about theory, it's about learning how to practically do the work every day and to be supported and held accountable along the journey. 

You will leave not only with a new roadmap, compass and set of tools for navigating life, but 30 days of experience practicing and experiencing the benefits of this work. 

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What you'll experience in this program

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30-Day Mindset Level-Up Digital Program

How it works. 
1. Add a 30 day digital program to your cart and checkout. 
2. You will receive a confirmation email as well as a program introduction email. 
3. Each day you will recieve your daily lesson and guided meditation along with a progress check-in. 
4. Throughout the 30-day program, Tyrell will be checking in and providing feedback on your experience. 
PS - this is a great expeirence to do with a partner, family member, or friend, feel free invite them to start at the same time and let Tyrell know to ensure the daily lessons are sent out together. 

30-Day Mindset Level-Up Digital Program
30-Day Mindset Level-Up Digital Program
30-Day Mindset Level-Up Digital Program
30-Day Mindset Level-Up Digital Program

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