Join a small, invite-only group of founders and facilitators to experience a new approach to developing resilience, peak performance, optimal recovery and longevity in you and your teams.

A one-of-a-kind invite only experience for leaders.

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In order for leaders and aspiring individuals to perform at their best, they must possess a roadmap, compass and toolkit to navigate life, overcome adversity and perform, recover, and grow over time. 

Tyrell Mara has spent the last twenty years combining strategies and tools from elite athletics and corporate leadership into programs and experiences which equip and empower leaders and top performers to thrive holistically.

Tyrell founded The Human Performance Project to combine a decision-making navigational framework (The Deep End Mindset), the science and strategy of peak performance and optimal recovery from elite athletics, and 10 years of executive leadership and strategic work.

The goal of this invite-only experience is to gather founders and facilitators to learn about this holistic approach to leadership and optimal performance.

The half-day, immersive experience will be hosted at The Wellness Den, an optimal performance and wellness facility set in nature in Langley, BC. In addition to learning about Tyrell's methodology to holistic leadership and performance, you will learn about and experience many of the benefits through a guided meditation, sauna, cold plunge, and restoration experience.

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Meet Your Host - Tyrell Mara

Tyrell Mara is an executive leader and multi-sport elite athlete who founded The Human Performance Project to equip aspiring individuals and teams with a roadmap, compass and optimal performance toolkit to thrive in work, and life.

Tyrell’s work combines the strategic thinking necessary in business leadership, frameworks for mindset and resilience, and peak a performance and optional recovery toolkit from professional athletics.

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