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The Human Performance Project

Private Group Booking at The Wellness Den

Private Group Booking at The Wellness Den

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Spend an intentional afternoon or evening with a group of close friends, family, or colleagues at The Wellness Den with this 3.5 hour Private Group Booking experience.  You and your group enjoy the entire Wellness Den space to yourselves to relax, unwind and meaningfully connect to self and others. This experience includes robes, towels, multiple saunas, cold plunges, warm relaxation spaces, and our very own Rhubarb Kombucha as a refreshment for each guest. 

Your host and guide, Tyrell, will lead your group through an orientation to your experience as well as the benefits of sauna and cold exposure and best practices to get the most from your experience, whether it's your 1st of 1,000th. 

  • $89/attendee (for groups of two the set price is $225 + GST)

Steps to request your private booking date:

  1. Check our availability by clicking "Sign Up" below.
  2. Select your time and complete the free checkout process to submit your private booking request.
  3. We will be in touch to begin coordinating making your event a memorable experience for your group! 

Location: We are in North Langley close to Thunderbird Show Park and Krause Berry Farms. All details, including address and directions, will come in your welcome package and calendar invite.  

Curious about cold exposure, meditation, optimal performance & recovery?

Some of the greatest tools to level up our mental health, energy, optimal performance and resilience are living within us. This workshop is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and practices to increase resilience, attention, stress & energy management. Along with learning the science behind how these tools affect our brain, mind, and body, you will experience these practices firsthand through guided breathwork and meditation followed by a cold plunge and wood-burning sauna experience.

You will leave this experience feeling rejuvenated, energized, and connected, with a new set of tools that will empower you to show up at your best in all areas of life.

What to Expect

Your hosts, Tyrell and Natasha Mara will greet you as you step foot on their family farm, immersed in a beautiful natural setting in Langley, BC. Tyrell will guide you through an Optimal Performance & Recovery Workshop, where you will gain working knowledge and practical tools to level up your resilience, energy, optimal performance and recovery. These tools are applicable to all individuals who are looking for ways to increase energy, motivation, and capacity - allowing them to show up and perform at their best when it counts, day in and day out - in all areas of life.

After a short intermission, you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of these tools firsthand, from meditation to the cold plunge and warm wood-burning sauna. You will then enjoy cycles of hot and cold, relaxation, and meaningful connection at your own pace while disconnected and immersed in nature.

Tyrell and Natasha facilitate this workshop in a safe and step-by-step guided environment. It is for curious individuals with meaningful goals and aspirations who are intrigued, perhaps even feeling nervous or intimidated about experiencing new practices such as breath, meditation, and hot & cold exposure. All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to join.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anca Oala-Florescu
My new go-to for recovery + relaxation!

By far my favourite experience from previous spaces I’ve tried. The welcome was genuine and the overall location/space is peaceful. A great time to really focus on your overall health. I will be back for sure!

Kelly Lamb
Exceptional BOLD Plunge Experience

Last weekend's BOLD plunge event at the Wellness Den was an absolute success. The serene and beautifully designed environment set the perfect stage for our gathering. The therapy sessions, alternating between hot and cold, were expertly managed and provided a rejuvenating experience for all the women. Tyrell's professionalism and attention to detail in maintaining optimal temperatures made the experience both comfortable and invigorating.

The success of the BOLD plunge is largely credited to the exceptional service and atmosphere of the Wellness Den. This place is highly recommended for anyone seeking a unique wellness experience, be it for personal rejuvenation or hosting an event. It's a top-notch choice that promises a truly transformative experience.

Sean Burke
CheckingIn team wellness retreat

What an incredible experience for our team. Tyrell was able to customize an experience that enabled our group to have some guidance and learning, but gave us the space to explore and connect as a team.

It was such a refreshing way to connect with each other and do something that took us outside our comfort zone to show us what our bodies and minds are capable of.

I would highly recommend this experience for all teams and as a bonus, I'd really recommend setting aside a small budget to provide your team with a small participation gift in the Rabbit Hole wellness products. We let each team member pick up something and I personally got the Lavender and Old Fashioned Candles, and they are amazinggg!!!

Jonathan Mara
EOS Leaders Bonding Experience

As a Certified EOS Implementer I am always searching for ways to enlighten the CEO's and their Leadership Teams that I work with. The Wellness Den went beyond enlightening them when we were there - it allowed for a deepening of trust between the participants and for a couple the opportunity to confront and overcome life long anxieties. Tyrell is highly skilled at reading each person's comfort level and understanding, meeting them where they are, and guiding them to go a little deeper. I highly recommend it for any Leadership Teams to become higher functioning and trustful with each other!!

Reid Taylor
Team Retreat

Tyrell did a fantastic job making our team feel comfortable throughout the experience. A very transformative experience for our team. The serene surroundings, engaging material and relaxing atmosphere made for a genuine day and some great personal growth for all members involved. The players felt rejuvenated and valued throughout the retreat. I highly recommend anyone looking for a positive and uplifting day, along with testing themselves in the cold tubs. Thanks so much Tyrell!

Meet Your Hosts

Meet your Host

Tyrell Mara has been practicing and coaching Optimal Performance & Recovery in athletics, business, and life for over 20 years. Tyrell is a former world-level multi-sport elite athlete and has spent the last ten years in corporate executive leadership roles.

Tyrell founded The Human Performance Project to equip and empower leaders with a roadmap, compass and toolkit to level up performance, growth and impact in life. Tyrell and his wife Natasha live on their family farm and have two beautiful daughters, Olia and Isabella.

We can't wait to host you!

We are excited to host you for this immersive experience and are here to answer any questions or concerns. Once you have signed up, you will be sent a calendar invite, introduction and logistics email and safety waiver to prepare you for your session.