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The Human Performance Project

30 Days of Cold: Mens Growth Pilgrimage

30 Days of Cold: Mens Growth Pilgrimage

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30 Days. An inspiring group of like-minded men. Daily cold, meditation & reflection.

I believe these ingredients can change the trajectory of our lives. 

They're simple, but not easy. 

Over the last several years, I have seen the impact of these ingredients when gathering groups of like-minded men in a space where they can share openly, reflect and grow, and be held accountable to level up their daily habits and mindset. 

But getting together once, let alone regularly, is hard. We are all busy, have full lives, and may not even feel connected to the right group of peers that will help us grow.

My vision with “30 Days of Cold: A Mens Growth Pilgrimage” is to gather a group of men committed to personal growth and pushing their limits. For 30 days, this group will encourage and hold each other accountable as we commit to daily meditation, a cold shower or plunge, and a short intention and reflection check-in. As we prepare for and dive head first into the journey together, I will be our guide and facilitator. Whether it’s your first time meditating, getting cold, or your thousandth, you will feel confident and clear about the why, what, and how. 

The 30-day experience will be entirely online so anyone can join and participate regardless of location. For men in the greater Vancouver area, there will be an option to join us at The Wellness Den for a celebration event to cap off the 30 days! 

Here’s what will be required of you if you: 

  • Commit 5-10 minutes daily to completing the short meditation, cold exposure, and check-in exercises.
  • Check in with the group online once per day with an update. 
  • Join with an open heart & mind, willing to share your valuable experiences and hear from others. 

Meet Your Hosts

Meet your Host

Tyrell Mara has been practicing and coaching Optimal Performance & Recovery in athletics, business, and life for over 20 years. Tyrell is a former world-level multi-sport elite athlete and has spent the last ten years in corporate executive leadership roles.

Tyrell founded The Human Performance Project to equip and empower leaders with a roadmap, compass and toolkit to level up performance, growth and impact in life. Tyrell and his wife Natasha live on their family farm and have two beautiful daughters, Olia and Isabella.

We can't wait to host you!

We are excited to host you for this immersive experience and are here to answer any questions or concerns. Once you have signed up, you will be sent a calendar invite, introduction and logistics email and safety waiver to prepare you for your session.

What's Included

  • A full length robe
  • Non-alcoholic refreshments
  • Washroom and change room facilities
  • A warm relaxation area
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