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Caffeine and Cold Plunge Men's Quarterly Social | Langley, BC

Caffeine and Cold Plunge Men's Quarterly Social | Langley, BC

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Join me at The Wellness Den for a brief pause from the busy day-to-day life to enjoy delicious espresso, meaningful connection to self and other like-minded men, and a restorative cold plunge and sauna experience. 

The Caffeine and Cold Plunge Social combines a handful of my favorite things:

  • Delicious artisan espresso (americano, espresso, latte, cortado, you name it!)
  • Gathering like-minded men to connect with ourselves and others.
  • Increasing resilience, energy, attention and motivation through cold plunging and sauna cycling.
  • Starting the morning immersed in nature, with amazing humans, completed disconnected from devices and distractions.



Why Caffeine and Cold

Regular deliberate exposure to cold-water increases resilience, motivation, energy and mental health - it turns out when you combine caffeine to this equation - the results soar even higher (Bonus points for those who arrive in a fasted state which creates an energy and well-being trifecta!).

At the same time, aspiring men need a place to meaningfully connect with themselves and other like-minded peers. Put all of this together in a natural setting at O'Bella Farms and you have a recipe for a great start to your weekend. Simple as that!

Next Step

This is a free, invite-only event. If you reserve a ticket you will be taking a spot someone else will not get to use. Please ensure you're able to be in attendance if committed. If you'd like to invite a friend who would love this type of new experience, please check in with me (Tyrell) before extending the invite. 

PS - if you want to gain a working understanding of how to incorporate hot and cold exposure, meditation and breathwork into your daily life - take a look at the Optimal Performance & Recovery Workshop we run once per month.

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Customer Reviews

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Caffeine and Cold

Two of my favourite things.

Great morning with friendly chat and coffee

Had a great time at the Wellness Den's caffeine and cold plunge event. Would highly recommend for future sessions.

Ross Early
Gents’ Coffee & Cold Plunge

A group of friends organised a visit to The Wellness Den for a recent Gents’ Coffee & Cold Plunge morning . Tyrell welcomed us all as old friends, and with coffee (or tea), a brief intro from Tyrell, followed by the group intro, set the visit up for success. The two saunas are excellent and create a hub for conversing with all attendees. The cold baths were varied in temperature with the two at the second sauna down the path housing some friendly icebergs! This did not stop one hardy veteran from an impressive 10-minute plunge, and after more chats the morning was completed with the group offering a one-word summary of the event. From start to finish this was a well run and welcoming meeting of hardy adventurers and curious novices, but well worth a visit.

Keanu Pires
Coffee and cold plunging a perfect combination!!

It was great to come out to the Wellness Den and have sometime to slow down, seek mindfulness, and be intentional in our conversations. Whether you are experienced or new to cold plunging, Tyrell provides an inviting space to collectively engage your body and mind. Being able to find a breath in the midst of the cold shock and having the sauna to warm back up to go another round was lots of fun! Highly highly recommend!! Can’t wait to go back

Refreshed and Focused!

I had the opportunity to attend this "Caffeine and Cold Plunge" event and it exceeded my expectations in all aspects. I came away refreshed and focused. All the little details have been thought threw so well by Tyrell and Natasha. Looking forward to the next experience at the Rabbit Hole Wellness Den.

Meet Your Hosts

Meet your Host

Tyrell Mara has been practicing and coaching Optimal Performance & Recovery in athletics, business, and life for over 20 years. Tyrell is a former world-level multi-sport elite athlete and has spent the last ten years in corporate executive leadership roles.

Tyrell founded The Human Performance Project to equip and empower leaders with a roadmap, compass and toolkit to level up performance, growth and impact in life. Tyrell and his wife Natasha live on their family farm and have two beautiful daughters, Olia and Isabella.

We can't wait to host you!

We are excited to host you for this immersive experience and are here to answer any questions or concerns. Once you have signed up, you will be sent a calendar invite, introduction and logistics email and safety waiver to prepare you for your session.