The Human Performance Project was founded to equip and empower leaders, teams and inspired individuals with a roadmap and compass to navigate life and a toolkit for daily optimal performance and recovery. We offer workbooks, posters and live in-person experiences at The Wellness Den in Langley, BC.

Workbooks, Posters and Experiences

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How The Wellness Den Started

In 2022, Natasha and Tyrell invested in a wood-burning sauna and cold plunge for their daily wellness and mental health. Being parents, entrepreneurs, and farmers, life was full and they needed a place to recharge and connect with themselves and one another. The impact this regular ritual had on their energy, stress and anxiety levels, and overall performance and happiness was life-changing.

The Vision of The Wellness Den

The vision for The Wellness Den is to create a space where guests can gather and experience the physical, mental and emotional benefits of deliberate cold exposure and wood-burning saunas, all set in a beautiful natural setting on the farm. For those who are new to this wellness practice, Tyrell offers a guided introductory workshop which equips guests with daily wellness tools and practices to take with them beyond the Wellness Den experience.

So come for an introductory workshop to hot, cold, breath,, and meditation, or make it part of your weekly ritual with our regular drop-in sessions.

What You'll Experience

At each session; you will be greeted by your hosts, Tyrell and Natasha Mara, who farm the land around The Wellness Den and incorporate those crops into The Rabbit Hole Wellness Product line which you will experience in the saunas and relaxation areas.

Robes, warm relaxation areas, non-alcoholic beverages,, and freshly baked cookies are included with each session you join us for.